Iberia Region
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Character Information
Professor  ???
Pokémon 150
Starter Pokémon ???
Video Games  ???
Main Villain  ???
Rival  ???

Iberia is the main region of the series and is based on the Iberian Peninsula, South-West of Europe.

In the series Iberia is located South-West of Kalos being separated by Mt. Pirineus. The region a broad range of environments for the player to explore and is composed by the continental part and six Islands. The biggest city is Olipsia City having the Pokémon Arena.

Like was said the Region have a lot of diferent environments, the North is composed by snowy mountains and dense florests with a big icy lake.

The South is completly diferent, with a desert on the South-East and great plains where agriculture is the main activity.

Cities and Towns Edit

Olipsia City

Landmarks Edit

Natural Park

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